Pocky Casting 11.11

title Pocky Casting 11.11 (ポッキーキャス)
date/time 2016.11.11 19:30-23:00
broadcast twitcast
archive none
cost free
seiyuu Furuya Tohru (古谷徹)
Kouno Marika (高野麻里佳)
Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Ishikawa Yui
Yamamoto Nozomi (山本希望)
Fukuhara Ayaka (福原綾香)

This was a very long live broadcast to celebrate pocky day (November 11), and there were many seiyuu guests.

The announced schedule of the guests was a follows.

19:30 Furuya Tohru
20:00 i*Ris (Kubota, Yamakita, Akaneya)
20:30 Kouno Marika
21:00 Hata Sawako
21:30 Ishikawa Yui
22:00 i*Ris (Shibuya, Serizawa, Wakai)
22:30 Yamamoto Nozomi, Fukuhara Ayaka

But it seems there was some trouble, and things were running late from the beginning. Furuya Tohru arrived at 19:45. The first i*Ris team came at 20:17.

The video quality of the broadcast was very bad. The sound was mostly fine.. not good quality but it didn't get cut off. But the video was like a flip book animation. It stopped almost every several seconds.

The seiyuu guests sat at a table with the main host Yousuke, and they talked about various things (mostly related to pocky) for around 30 minutes.

After the first i*Ris team, there was a break as there seemed to be some technical problems.

[some details for Marika and Sawako]

Kouno Marika came at 20:56. Marika was wearing a brown one piece over a white, long sleeve blouse.

Marika had to do a guesture for a certain given topic. But the topic was a short scene, not just some words. So Marika stood up in the open space, and did the guesture. The whole "act" was around one minute. After she finished, they didn't give the answer right away. They wanted people to send in their guesses.

Then they went to the pocky quiz corner. There were three questions, all of which had something to do with the number 11.

After the quiz, they played a song, "Kaleidoscope Planet" (カレイドスコープラネット) by Kouno Marika.

After the song, Marika redid her guesture game, and read some of the answers given by the viewers. But nobody was right. The correct answer was, "Ate pocky for the first time in her life and was very moved. She told everyone in school, but everyone said 'just now?' so she became sad."

At around 21:18, a "special cameraman" came to take a photo of Marika. The cameraman was Hata Sawako! Sawako was wearing a long sleeve blouse, and a very short brown (?) one piece. Her hair was braided on both sides.

Marika and Sawako sat together at the table and talked for around 4 minutes.

Sawako brought a printed photo of herself with a pocky. She said she likes tsubu tsubu ichgo (chunky strawberry) pocky.

Then Marika left at around 21:25.

Sawako did the "situation pocky" game, where she pulled choices out of a box (when, where, who, to whom), and had to act out the situation. The situation that Sawako pulled out was, "A gorilla woke up in another world and gave pocky to Yousuke."

So Sawako acted like a "gorilla". This was pretty funny, but the video kept stopping along the way. (I hope there is a clean video of this somewhere..)

Then they played Sawako's song, "Saigo no Natsu" (最後の夏). This song is on the CD Mausu Theater Vol.002.

After the song, they read comments from viewers. They asked for lines that they wanted Sawako to say to them when she gives them a pocky. Sawako did a few of the lines.

At around 21:41, Ishikawa Yui appeared. She came carrying some slim pocky balloons, and they took some photos together.

Sawako and Yui had worked together before on an anime a couple years ago. Yui did the role of a person, and Sawako did the role of a marshmallow.

Then Yousuke asked Sawako and Yui to talk to each other for a while, and then Sawako left at 21:47.

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