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  • 2 nen A gumi Seishun Actibu 90

    title 2 nen A gumi Seishun Actibu 90
    date/time 2017.12.26
    seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
    Yamazaki Haruka (Ϥ뤫)

    This was the 90th broadcast of the show by Aimi and Yamazaki Haruka. This was the last broadcast of 2017, and they also changed clothes, into their blazers.

    There were Christmas decorations on the white board and Christmas trees in the room.

    During the Actibu Theater corner, where Aimi and Haruka acted out some skits, they wore santa hats.

    There will be no broadcast of this show on 1/2, and the next broadcast will be 1/9.

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