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  • 2 nen A gumi Seishun Actibu 141

    title 2 nen A gumi Seishun Actibu 141
    date/time 2018.12.25
    seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
    Yamazaki Haruka
    guest Natsukawa Shiina (Ǻ)
    archive members only

    This was the 141st broadcast of the show by Aimi and Yamazaki Haruka. It was a one hour special for Aimi's birthday, and the guest was Natsukawa Shiina.

    Aimi and Haruka were dressed up as large department store buildings, with Christmas sale decorations on the walls. Shiina was wearing a santa hat, and she brought some cakes for Aimi and Haruka.

    They all like Marvel (comics and movies), so they talked about them for around 20 minutes.

    Then they played some quiz games and super hero darts games for presents. The super heros were Marvel heros.

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