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  • Sugoiyo Karin-chan 5

    title Sugoiyo Karin-chan 5
    date/time 2017.12.15 22:30-
    seiyuu Takahashi Karin
    archive members only

    This was the 5th broadcast of the new show by Takahashi Karin.

    Karin was at level 25, so they were going to make a sticker for this program. The next target is level 30, at which they will have an event. Then at level 50, they will create a theme song for this show.

    Karin played a game where the staff held up a playing card, and Karin had to guess what it was. Karin asked some questions about the card and the staff answered, but he didn't have to answer truthfully. Karin just got the mark of one card correct, so she got one point to increase her level to 26.

    In the karaoke corner, Karin sang "1/2".

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