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  • Sugoiyo Karin-chan 64

    title Sugoiyo Karin-chan 64
    date/time 2019.02.15
    seiyuu Takahashi Karin
    archive members only

    This was the 64th broadcast of Takahashi Karin's show, on Second Shot Channel.

    Karin was at level 88.

    Since it was just Valentine's Day, Karin acted like she was giving the viewer a chocolate.

    Karin said she hates hayfever season. She always uses a good mask, and a spray that deflects the pollen.

    Karin said that the white jacket that she always wears during this show is an outfit for this show. She said that she will wear her own clothes when she appears at an event.

    There was no karaoke corner in this broadcast.

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