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  • Pyxis no Kira Kira Daisakusen 130

    title Pyxis no Kira Kira Daisakusen 130
    date/time 2018.10.10
    seiyuu Itou Miku (ƣ)
    Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    archive members only

    This was the 130th broadcast of the weekly show by Pyxis.

    This was a special for Miku's birthday (22 years old). They brought out a box of cakes, but Miku prefers food, so they brought out a lot of take out Chinese food.

    Miku ate during the whole show.

    Miku's photo book "Palette" went on sale, and Moe looked through the book.

    Moe and Miku will appear in many events this fall.

    • 10/14 UBI Day 2018 (Moe will be a reporter)
    • 11/25 Toyota Moe talk show is TUS (Tokyo University of Science)
    • 10/13 Itou Miku birthday event in Shinjuku Face
    • 11/10 Miyako Premium Live 2018 (Miku)
    • 11/24 Itou Miku talk show in Nagoya Kougyou Daigaku

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