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  • Atelier Reina 33

    title Atelier Reina 33
    date/time 2019.08.24 21:00-
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGyKRNXOldw
    seiyuu Ueda Reina ()

    This was the 33rd broadcast of Ueda Reina's monthly show.

    It's still summer, and Reina was wearing just a T-shirt, but she feels like autumn is coming.

    Reina recently went to a barbeque with the staff after a recording session. This was the first time that she went with someone other than her family.

    Reina will appear in an audio drama reading event tomorrow, Genji Monogatari.

    The next broadcast of this show will be 9/28.

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