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  • Atelier Reina 42

    title Atelier Reina 42
    date/time 2020.07.25
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWWd222EUxo
    seiyuu Ueda Reina ()

    This was the 42nd broadcast of Ueda Reina's monthly show.

    Reina was wearing a yellowish shirt. She said it was in the image of summer.

    The day before (7/24) was a national holiday "Sports no Hi", the day the Olympics were supposed to start. But since it got postponed, there were fireworks all over Japan. But Reina didn't know about it and she didn't notice it.

    Reina said her photobook is going to go on sale 8/31, and they are taking reservations now. She talked a lot about the book, the entire free broadcast.

    They showed a three minute video containing "making of" style clips of the photobook. There was a short message by Reina at the end of the video.

    Reina announced the title, Atelier Reina Official Photobook "Drawing". They also showed the cover photo.

    There will be special goodies given at the various anime shops.

    • Animate: clear file, another photo book
    • Gamers: another cover, a B2 tapestry
    • Toranoana: postcard

    Reina said there will also be an event on 9/19, and the lottery tickets for the event will be given out to those who buy the photobook at Animate, Gamers, or Toranoana.

    They also showed some of the goods, postcards and T-shirts.

    Reina said she didn't do a photo check before the designer made the book. There were many photos of natural poses and expressions that Reina wouldn't have chosen herself, but she said she didn't change any of the photos.

    This was the first Atelier Reina broadcast without an artist "guest".

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