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  • Sakurai Tomo Channel live broadcast 12

    title Sakurai Tomo Channel live broadcast 12
    date 2020.12.04
    host Sakurai Tomo ()
    url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iJy0WdOdTg

    This was the 12th live broadcast by Tomo for her Sakurai Tomo youtube channel. The broadcast was around 50 minutes.

    Tomo was wearing a blazer outfit, and her hair was tied at the top at two places, instead of twintails. Tomo looked a little older and mature than in the other broadcasts.

    Tomo showed video clips of her "go west" trip. Most of the scenes were of Tomo eating.

    At the end, Tomo said that she was planning some events for her 35th anniversary of working. She wants to do a mini live in a foreign country. She also wants to release a photobook.

    Since Tomo went to Hong Kong earlier this year, she wants to go somewhere farther, like the US, next year.

    Tomo also wants to do a live. It's been already one year since the previous live. She had some lives planned for this year, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus.

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