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  • WUG Channel 21

    title WUG Channel 21
    date/time 2018.02.19 21:30-
    hosts Eino Airi ()
    Tanaka Minami ()
    Takagi Miyu (ͤ)
    archive http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1520101970

    The hosts of WUG Channel 21 were Airi, Minami, and Mmiyu. Minami had a sore throat or something, so she couldn't talk. She just wrote her comments on a little white board.

    The Wake Up Girls CD "Suki no Skill" will go on sale 2/28.

    Airi said that she is the strongest at arm wrestling among the Wake Up Girls members.

    The game that they played was "Overcook Special Edition" for the Nintendo Switch.

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