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  • WUG Channel 35

    title WUG Channel 35
    date/time 2018.10.27 (recorded)
    hosts Yoshioka Mayu (Ȳʹ)
    Eino Airi ()
    archive http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1540566243

    The hosts of WUG Channel 35 were Yoshioka Mayu and Eino Airi. This was a pre-recorded broadcast, and it was a little over one hour.

    Mayu looked at herself on the monitor, and said she was wearing black again. Airi commented that Mayu always wears black, and she probably only has black clothes. Airi wanted to see a picture of Mayu's closet, and Mayu said it was all black.

    Even Mayu's skirt was black and white checkered.

    They said that the broadcasts from now will be with two members.

    Mayu said she cut her hair pretty short for the current live. Her hair was below her shoulders, so she cut about half of it.

    The game that they played was "Madorika Fudousan" for the Nintendo Switch.

    The "Wake Up Best Memorial" CD set with 8 CDs will go on sale 1/23 next year. It will contain 4 new songs.

    The next broadcast will be hosted by Miyu and Kaya.

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