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  • AFFT 2017 Anime 100 Shuunen Kiken Talk and Live

    title AFFT 2017 Anime 100 Shuunen Kiken Talk and Live
    date/time 2017.10.14
    seiyuuWake Up Girls
    Minami (Kuribayashi Minami)
    archive none

    This was a live broadcast of an event at the Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017 for the aniversary song written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese anime. The talk portion of the event was broadcast, but the live portion wasn't.

    The guests were Wake Up Girls, Minami, and True (a singer). Aoyama Yoshino of Wake Up Girls was the emcee.

    The first Japanese anime was made in 1917. Minami said she watched the anime, and it was just a movie without any voices.

    Tanaka Kouhei came out and talked about the song. There were 23 seiyuu and singers. The CD Tsubasa wo Motsumono -Not An Angel Just a Dreamer- goes on sale 10/23.

    Then they showed the 7 minute promo video of this song.

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