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  • Yakyuu no Hanashi wo shiyou 2019

    title Eino Airi Yakyuu no Hanashi wo shiyou 2019
    date/time 2019.08.30
    hosts Eino Airi ()
    broadcast youtube, niconico
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZIht1KTOIo

    This was a special broadcast by Eino Airi where she talks baseball.

    It was around one hour of talk about baseball by Airi and Mr. Hayashi. Airi was a Rakuten Eagles fan, and Mr. Hayashi was a Yokohama Bay Stars fan.

    Airi was recently in a stage play, Stray Sheep Paradise.

    Airi and Mr. Hayashi talked about the team while looking at the predictions that they made during the March broadcast. They were both happy that their teams were still in contention for the Climax Series.

    Airi had many announcements at the end of the show.

    Airi will have a collaboration event with the Rakuten Eagles on 9/9, at their home game.

    Airi will appear at an event on 9/23, Mezase! Yakyuu Kansen Professional.

    Airi will be an emcee at the Pawa Pro 25th Anniversary concerts on 12/15 (Osaka) and 12/21 (Tokyo).

    Airi will have her next "Gakken Eino Airi" event on 9/21.

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