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  • Areka Koreka 7

    title Areka Koreka 7
    date/time 2019.11.28 21:00-
    hosts Eino Airi (永野愛理)
    broadcast niconico

    This was the 7th broadcast of Eino Airi's solo program Areka Koreka.

    It was only one week since the previous broadcast.

    Airi said she wants to go get a hair cut, but she won't get it cut too much and people might not notice.

    Airi started watching the anime Saki because she wants to learn how to play mahjong.

    In the next corner Airi had to stick her hands in a box and guess the theme of the object by feeling them. The last box was an empty box, and Airi answered "despair", the feeling when one has given up all hope.

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