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  • Areka Koreka 15

    title Areka Koreka 15
    date/time 2020.03.19 21:00-
    hosts Eino Airi (永野愛理)
    broadcast niconico

    This was the 15th broadcast of Eino Airi's solo program Areka Koreka.

    Airi had her hairstyle in a "bear ears" style, as she was wearing a shirt with a large bear on it.

    Airi said it was warm today, but it just snowed the other day. It was the large kind of snow that she had never seen in Tokyo before.

    Someone delivered some food for Airi. It was a box of some large karaage (fried chicken).

    In the cute Airi corner, some asked Airi to take a photo with some pickled hotaru ika (squid). Airi also said cute lines which were sent in by the viewers, while holding the jar of ika and even the fried chicken.

    Airi said she will have a stage play from 4/1 to 4/5.

    The next broadcast of this show will be on 4/10.

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