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  • Homerun Radio! Patto UP 161

    title Homerun Radio! Patto UP 161
    date/time 2018.11.06 20:00-
    seiyuu Yuuki Kana
    Eino Airi ()
    guest Takeda Aina
    archive members only

    This was the 161st broadcast of Homerun Radio Patto UP, a live broadcast by Yuuki Kana and Eino Airi.

    Yuuki Kana had a sore throat, and her voice was a little husky. This was the first broadcast after the Nihon Series, so they said congratulations to the Softbank Hawks. But Kana was wearing a Lions Pacific League Championship sweatshirt.

    The guest was Takeda Aina from the group 22/7. It was the second time on this show for Aina. Aina was wearing a Marines jersey and holding a marines doll.

    Aina said that the group 22/7 will have an event on Christmas Eve.

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