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  • Emiri Miyu to Isshoni Game 2

    title Emiri Miyu to Isshoni Game 2
    date/time 2017.11.04
    seiyuu Katou Emiri (ƣΤ)
    Takagi Miyu (ͤ)
    guests Yamashita Nanami ()
    Okuno Kaya ()
    archive none

    This was a special broadcast of the game program by Katou Emiri and Takagi Miyu. The guests were Yamashita Nanami and Okuno Kaya.

    Before the program began, they were broadcasting some of the promo videos of the Hacka Doll songs.

    During the show, they just played a lot of old games for around one hour. Some of the games they played were Donkey Kong, Kiby, Mario Kart.

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