Kayatan no Aquarium Plankton no Tsudoi

title Kayatan no Aquarium Plankton no Tsudoi
date/time 2020.02.29 23:30-24:30
broadcast niconico
cost free
hosts Okuno Kaya ()
audio message Kino Hina
Ueda Reina ()

This was a special broadcast for Okuno Kaya's solo live program.

There was an event for this show scheduled for today, but it was canceled due to the current coronavirus epidemic. So they did this special live broadcast. It was a countdown to Kaya's birthday, the next day.

Kaya was wearing the outfit that she was was supposed to wear at the event. She also said that the set was similar to what she was going to do at the event.

Kaya showed some of the goods that she was going to sell, including the pamphlet (front and back covers).

Kaya read some mails.

Then at midnight, Kaya pulled a large cracker to celebrate her birthday. Then the staff brought out a cake, decorated with a picture of a whale.

Kaya took some pictures with the cake and ate a little bit of it.

The next corner was some audio birthday messages and quizzes from her friends. They were planning to do this at the event. Kaya said she wasn't told who would be giving the messages.

The first message was from Kino Hina, and the second message was from Ueda Reina.

At the end, Kaya said that she will have a birthday broadcast at 19:00 on 3/1.

The next broadcast of this show will be 3/17.