Okuno Kaya Birthday Tokuban

title Okuno Kaya Birthday Tokuban Namahousou
date/time 2020.03.01 19:00-20:10
broadcast niconico
cost free
hosts Okuno Kaya ()

This was a special live broadcast for Okuno Kaya's birthday.

Kaya had a small cracker to start off the show. There was also a cake, and Kaya ate a little bit of it.

There was a birthday event for Kaya scheduled at Sanrio Puroland today, but it was canceled due to the current coronavirus epidemic. So they did this special live broadcast. But Kaya had no idea what they were going to do, as the staff gave her the script one corner at a time.

The first corner was a photo corner. They brought a box with old photos. Kaya went looking through the box, and showed some of the photos. There were also a couple home videos of little Kaya singing and dancing kindergarten and primary school songs.

There was also a letter from Kaya's mother. Kaya read it and cried a lot, so she had to go off and redo her makeup.

The next corner was a "photo time" corner, where the staff took some photos of Kaya (to be uploaded later).

The next corner was a quiz challenge. Since Kaya answered most of them correct, she got to eat some desserts.

The next corner was questions from viewers.

The next corner was the goods corner. Kaya showed some of the goods that they were going to sell at the event.

Then they announced that there will be an event on 4/29, Pochako Kayatan Love Love Birthday Party at Sanrio Puroland. Kaya was very happy.

But at the end, there was a special guest that made Kaya even happier. It was a Pochako kigurumi.