Kayatan no Aquarium 16

title Kayatan no Aquarium 16
date/time 2021.01.26
hosts Okuno Kaya ()
broadcast niconico
cost free and members only

This was the 16th broadcast of Okuno Kaya's solo live program. The first 30 minutes was free, and the rest was for members only.

This was the first broadcast of 2021.

Kaya's hair was dark, but not black. She said it was navy, and it was really dark blue this time.

Kaya said she didn't go back home for the New Years, so she didn't eat any mochi yet this year.

At the end of the free broadcast, Kaya announced that she will have her birthday event on 2/28 at Sanrio Puroland. It will be an event and also a broadcast. She said she already took some photos for the event goods.

Also there will be a countdown broadcast for her birthday at 23:00 on 2/28.

The next broadcast of this show will be 2/16 at 21:00.

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