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  • Nanamin no Negoto 17

    title Nanamin no Negoto 17
    date/time 2020.06.18
    host Yamashita Nanami (怀布挤长)
    guest Yoshioka Mayu (等铂琮痛)
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abj9B2V_z2s

    This was the 17th broadcast of Yamashita Nanami's solo program.

    The guest was Yoshioka Mayu. On the screen, they seemed to be sitting close together, but actually they were sitting far apart. When Mayu took a selfie together, Nanami was very small in the back.

    Nanami was wearing a red top, and jeans with many little fruits and flowers on it. She was also wearing white sneakers. Nanami likes the Air Max shoes, and she's trying to get other colors too.

    The game that they played was Gang Beasts (from Steam).

    At the end, Nanami announced that she will release a digital photo book. It will go on sale 7/17. They showed two samples photos from the book.

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