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    Iwanaga Tetsuya CDs (miscellaneous)

    Tetsuya appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

    1995.03.22Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard Ongakuhen (PICA-1053)Talk
    1995.06.21Scandalous Actor Performance (AFCP-2002)Talk
    1995.09.21Jinnai no Sekai (PICA-1074)Song/Talk
    1995.10.25Popful Mail Paradise 5 (KICA-1169)Talk {Tot}
    1995.12.21El Hazard TV volume 1 (PICA-1082)Talk
    1996.05.10El Hazard TV volume 2 (PICA-1100)Talk
    1996.07.01Mahou Shoujo Fancy CoCoP act 2 (VPCG-84292)Song
    1996.07.24Birdy The Introduction (VICL-15053)Song/Talk
    1996.07.24Radio no Sekai El Hazard CD Special (PICA-1103)Talk
    1996.09.21Seikimatsu Darling II (MMCM-2603)Talk
    1996.12.21Neon Genesis Evangelion Addition (KICA-333)Talk
    1997.03.21Street Fighter EX drama CD (PCCB-256)Talk
    1997.07.25Angelique Special 2 (KECH-1114)Talk
    1997.09.01Seikimatsu Darling III (MMCM-3002)Talk
    1998.02.01Angelique Kiss Kiss Kiss (KECH-1124-1125)Song
    1998.02.25Man'youshuu Kuro (PICA-1163)Song
    1998.11.06High School Aura Buster 1st Vision (KICA-420)Talk
    1999.01.06High School Aura Buster 2nd Vision (KICA-436)Talk
    1999.01.20Voice Theater Series 1 Yuku Kawa no Nagare (TYCY-10006)Talk
    1999.11.24Barbarian Quartetto Volume 3 (MACA-2014)Talk
    2000.02.00High School Aura Buster Himitsu no Tekken! Special CD (8SSX122)Talk
    2001.03.31Cafe Kichijouji de 9 ()Talk
    2002.01.19When A Man Loves Man 3 Side Story (COCX-31831)Talk
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