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Kingetsu Mami CDs (miscellaneous)

Mami appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1994.06.03CD Drama Tokimeki Memorial (KICA-7640)Talk/Song
1994.11.03CD Drama Tokimeki Memorial 2 (KICA-7646)Talk/Song
1995.02.03CD Drama Tokimeki Memorial 3 (KICA-7654)Talk
1995.06.??Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Jun. (KICA-7662)Talk
1995.07.??Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Jul. (KICA-7664)Talk
1995.08.??Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Aug. (KICA-7665)Talk
1995.09.21Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Sep. (KICA-7666)Talk
1995.10.25Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Oct. (KICA-7667)Talk
1995.11.22Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Nov. (KICA-7668)Talk
1995.12.21Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Dec. (KICA-7683)Talk
1995.12.21Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best CollectionSong
1996.08.07Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 1 (KICA-7711)Talk
1996.09.05Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 2 (KICA-7712)Talk
1996.10.02Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 3 (KICA-7713)Talk
1996.11.01Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 4 (KICA-7714)Talk
1996.12.05Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 5 (KICA-7715)Talk
1996.12.21Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection 3 (KICA-7733)Song
1997.01.01Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 6 (KICA-7716)Song/Talk
1997.01.21Queen's Road -Image Vocal Collection- (APCM-5096)Song
1997.02.05Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 7 (KICA-7743)Talk
1997.02.05Moonlight Lips (KICA-7752)Talk
1997.02.21Queen's Road Gaiden (APCM-9008)Talk
1997.04.09Moonlight Lips III (KICA-7762)Song/Talk
1997.06.04Konami All Star Festa 97 (KICA-7766-7767)Song
1997.07.19Yume de Aetara (COCC-14368)Talk
1997.08.06Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 13 (KICA-7770)Talk
1997.10.03Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial No. 15 (KICA-7772)Talk
1997.10.03Kingetsu Mami no Gensou Yawa (KICA-7798)Talk
1997.10.21Yume de Aetara 3 (COCC-14583)Talk
1997.10.25Kimi Dake wo Mitsumeteru (AMCM-4342)Talk
1997.11.06Moonlight Lips Nagisa no Torikooru (KICA-7810)Talk
1997.11.10Seiyuu Grand Prix Special CD 97Talk/radio CM
1997.11.21Tokimeki Memorial Fantastic Christmas Party (KICA-7814)Talk
1997.12.03Marie no Atelier Drama CD (PCCB-291)Talk
1997.12.20Yume de Aetara 4 (COCC-14744)Talk/Song
1998.01.01Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial 18 (KICA-7775)Talk
1998.01.21Yume de Aetara 5 (COCC-14775)Talk
1998.03.27Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection 6 (KICA-7857)Song
1998.04.03Burn Up Excess Plus file 4 (KICA-7829)Talk
1998.04.17Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 The Newcomers (PCCB-310)Talk
1998.05.20Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 -Arrange Sound Trax- (PCCB-316)Song
1998.06.03Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 Drama CD (PCCB-318)Talk
1998.08.07Tokimeki no Houkago (KICA-7884-7885)Song
1998.10.21Garou Densetsu The Best -Selected Characters- (PCCB-325)Song
1998.11.06Irodori no Love Song with you vol 5 (KICA-7679)Talk
1999.03.17Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition (PCCB-364)Talk
1999.08.18Neo Geo Guys Song Collection -Arrange Sound Trax- (PCCB-386)Song
1999.08.18The King of Fighters 99 (PCCB-387)Talk
1999.08.26Ani Raji GPX Special CD 99Talk
1999.09.21Triangle Session 99 Drama CD Stage 2 (MMCM-0010)Song/Talk
2000.06.21Omimayu Kaori no Seiyuu Island ()Talk
2000.07.19Neo Geo DJ Station in Game Dra Night (SCDC-00029)Talk
2000.08.23The King of Fighters 2000 (SCDC-035)Talk
2001.03.07Seiyuu Omnibus CD "Vintage" (KICA-1246)Song {Track 1}