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  • Aki no Yozora no Nana Fushigi

    - Τ줶뱧 -

    Sunshine Planetarium (Sunshine City Ikebukuro)
    1996 Autumn
    800 yen for adults
    every hour
    duration 45 minutes

    The Aki no Yozora no Nana Fushigi show at the Sunshine Planetarium has narration by Nozawa Nachi () and Inoue Kikuko (׻). Almost the entire narration is by Nozawa Nachi, and only the "Andromeda and Perseus story" is told by Inoue Kikuko.

    The show starts out by talking about the seven wonders of the world. Then they talk about the seven mysteries of the autumn sky. They explain in slightly more detail about the galaxy, stars, etc..

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