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  • Ani Game Paradise - 1999.12.15

    Kira Melo homeroom
    Kamei Asaka
    Itou Emiko (ƣ̣)
    Ohtsuka Mae ()
    Matsumoto Chiyomi ()
    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Nikki Poisute Kinshi
    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen drama 4 episode 2
    Angel Kiss (Marimayu)
    They announced the red and white team breakdowns for the Anime Kouhaku Utagassen event.

    The red team captain will be Horie Mitsuko, and the members will be Iizuka Mayumi, Noda Junko, Yonekura Chihiro, Kingetsu Mami, and Sakura Taisen. The white team captain will be Mizuki Ichirou, and the members will be Iwao Junko, Ohmori Reiko, Ogata Megumi, Matsumoto Rica, and Mieno Hitomi.

    In addition, there will be some special guests: Sasaki Isao and Takahashi Yoko.

    They said that Miyamura Yuko isn't feeling well, and the doctor wouldn't allow her to participate in the Kouhaku.

    There will be an Uchiage Daihousou Party starting at 21:00 after the Anime Kouhaku event. They will have a live broadcast of this radio show, and the guests will be Maria, Mayuko, Mieno Hitomi, Kingetsu Mami, and anyone else who has free time. The cost for this event is 3500 yen.

    They finally announced that the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen students will appear in the Kouhaku Utagassen. They will also sell Kira Melo goods. There will be a CD of the Kira Melo drama going on sale 3/25 next year. But there will be a super flying version, with bonus talk and hand written message by one of the students, going on sale at the Anime Kouhaku. There will also be a video on sale for 2000 yen.

    There will also be many Anime Kouhaku Utagassen official goods. Pamphlet, telephone card set, neck strap, OP/ED CD..

    The event will start at 16:00, and will let in at 15:00. But they will start selling goods at 12:00!

    The CM radio drama was Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Nikki Poisute Kinshi. The Kira Melo girls who appeared were: Katsumi - Doumen Satomi, Rie - Itou Emiko, and Tomoe - Kobayashi Kana.

    The radio drama was Kira Kira Melody Gakuen 4 episode 2 Minami no Anshin. The characters that appeared were: Taki Hiroko (Tateishi Mai), Hokage Erika (Misaki Mami), Yamaki Ryou (Nagano Eriko), Kousaka Minami (Kamei Asaka), Kitazawa Shinobu (Kimura Ikue), Anna Yoko Martin (Satou Chizuko), Omikami Shizuka (Takahira Jun), Ichinose Natsu (Matsumoto Chiyomi), Matsunaga Rie (Itou Emiko).

    The next corner was Maria-sensei's Kira Melo Homeroom. The students were: 19 - Kamei Asaka, 5 - Itou Emiko, 12 - Ohtsuka Mae, 58 - Matsumoto Chiyomi, and 0 - Souguchi Akiko.

    The topic for today was "something you can't stop doing, even if you want to".
    Asaka - she wants to eat ramen quickly, but she can't. She eats each strand of ramen one at a time.
    Emiko - she likes to smell things. She likes to smell the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner.
    Then Maria mentioned that she liked to smell rubber shoes.
    Mae - she likes the massage chair at the public bath.
    Chiyomi - she likes wearing tall boots, and looking down at people.

    The hit request was for Angel Kiss, the opening song of this radio show, by Marimayu (Yamamoto Maria and Omimura Mayuko).

    Maria said that she will appear in tonight's episode of Seraphim Call.

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