Ani Game Paradise - 2000.01.12

Title Ani Game Paradise
Aired 2000.01.12
CM Drama Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Nikki Kaibou Jisshuu
Drama Kira Kira Melody Gakuen drama 5 episode 1
Personality Yamamoto Maria (山本麻里安)
Kira Melo Hinano Mayo (雛野まよ)

Akihisa pointed out that Maria was wearing a sweatshirt that said "I Love Milk" on it. Maria said that she bought it at a recycle shop. It was a brand called Milk, but actually Maria was wearing it because she likes cows (beef).

Maria will have her entrance exam for college this coming weekend. But she hasn't started studying yet. Akihisa asked her which schools she was going to apply for, but Maria said that she didn't want to say. Maria just said that she was going to apply to both a four year women's college and a two year women's college.

They played a tape of another girl who passed the first round of the seiyuu audition. The 8th girl who passed was Ohnuma Yukie, 15 years old.

Then they played a new tape for the seiyuu audition. The new setting was that the auditioner is a student of Melody Gakuen, and Maria is the teacher. Then Akihisa did a sample, as Souguchi Akiko.

The CM radio drama was Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Nikki Kaibou Jisshuu. The Kira Melo girls who appeared were: Mao - Takase Noriko, Nana - Shintani Sayaka, Satsuki - Kadowaki Mai, and Kyoko - Daikoku Yuuka. This was very funny and CUTE. Mao, Nana, and Satsuki were afraid to cut open the fish for cooking class..

The radio drama was Kira Kira Melody Gakuen 5 episode 1 Hajimari. The characters that appeared were: Kurihara Ayana (Tsuchiya Mieko), Haruyama Momo (Hinano Mayo), Soga Ayumi (Ohgoshi Tomoe), Makimura Midori (Asano Masumi), Fuugetsu Kotoko (Tanabe Miri), Sahara Noko (Furuuchi Rika), Kannazuki Chifuyu (Ohtsuka Mae).

After the radio drama, there was a new corner, Maria-sensei no Kira Melo sansha mendan. This was a corner where one of the Kira Melo girls came and talked with Maria and Akihisa live.

The guest was Hinano Mayo and Mayo's mother "Akiko". They talked about Mayo appearing in the Kouhaku Utagassen, as a back dancer for Suzuki Ami. Then Akiko pointed out that Mayo's hair had become brown recently. Mayo said that she did it herself, in her room.

The hit request was for "Sotsugyou" by Iwao Junko.

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