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  • Ani Game Paradise - 2000.03.15

    Kira Melo Sansha Mendan
    Sawai Natsumi (ʤ)
    Kira Kira Melody Gakuen drama 5 Epilogue
    Daisuki (Kira Kira Melody Gakuen)
    Paradise Labyrinth (Yamamoto Maria)
    Natsumi was in a Hollywood movie called Shogun Cop.

    The hit request was Paradise Labyrinth, the coupling song in Maria's new CD single.

    Maria will have campaign events for her CD single. The first event will be on 3/26 at Yoyogi Animation Gakuin in Fukuoka, and the second event will be on 4/2 at Yamagiwa Soft in Akihabara.

    This program will end next week. Maria will also come as a guest personality on Tuesday (3/21), and the guest seiyuu will be Furuya Tohru.

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