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  • Anime Express - 1997.01.18

    Pony Tail wo Hodoitara (Sakurai Tomo)
    E Yume Miyou! (Sakurai Tomo and Inoue Kikuko)
    Tomo said that she was starting to lose the weight that she gained during the new year holidays. There were many bargains going on at the stores, but Tomo usually doesn't go shopping that much. She just goes when she has some time between her daily work schedule. She also said that she was planning on doing a big clean up of her room at the beginning of the year (because she couldn't do it at the end of last year), but she still didn't have much time, so it's pretty much the same.

    Tomo read a lot of letters.

    This was Tomo's 10th year working. She said that she will challenge new things this year. In March there will be a video going on sale, and Tomo wears a buruma in it!

    Tomo doesn't remember the first time she rode an airplane. It was sometime during high school. But the first time she rode an airplane alone was when she flew back from Okinawa to Tokyo. Her class went to Okinawa on a trip, but she had to come back early because she had to work. Then she flew to Hawaii right away for a photo shoot.

    Tomo played Pony Tail wo Hodoitara, a song by Haneoka Meimi.

    There was a new corner anpan no tsubuyaki (the mutterings of an anpan). In this corner, the listeners will send in letters about the things that objects would say. Tomo read some examples that were written by the staff. (Tomo read it in various voices.)

    Then Tomo played E Yume Miyou! by Haneoka Meimi and Mimori Seira. (Sakurai Tomo and Inoue Kikuko)

    The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.

    Ogata Megumi will release a video and CD of her concert on 3/5. The video will have clips, but the CD will be a 2 CD set containing everything.

    Tomo said that a new radio drama will start on 2/8. The title is Macross Generation. Tomo will be in it too. The story is different from Macross 7. But Tomo couldn't say any more yet. There will be some more information given next week.

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