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  • Anime Express - 1997.02.22

    Ogata Megumi (緒方恵美)
    Lost Paradise (Ogata Megumi and Takahashi Yoko)
    Macross Generation 3
    [Tomo still had her cold, she still sounded a little nasal.]

    The guest was Ogata Megumi.

    Tomo and Megumi talked about what was popular these days, like a cold, tamagocchi, and stamp club. Tomo said that she just did the stamp club that day. There was a stamp club machine inside TBS, so she lined up to do it.

    In the radio drama Macross Generation, Ogata Megumi does the role of a bike racer, Lafare. Tomo does Canary, but she didn't appear that much yet. (They still didn't record the second half.)

    Megumi will have a video and CD of her concert going on sale 3/5.

    They played Lost Paradise, a duet by Ogata Megumi and Takahashi Yoko, from that CD.

    The drama was Macross Generation episode 3.

    Megumi was going to give away five advertisement posters of her live CD and video. Tomo was going to make a message tape to one person, with the message that the person wants Tomo to say.

    The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.

    Macross Digital Mission VFX was going on sale 2/28. They were going to give away the game to five people. To send in for the present, one had to answer the following three questions.

    1. Which Macross story is your favorite?
    2. Which singer is your favorite Macross singer?
    3. This is the 15th year of Macross. What kind of special event would you like to see?

    The keywords for the Ogata Megumi and Sakurai Tomo presents are as follows.

    • Ogata Megumi - Shirokuma Lafare (しろくまラファーレ)
    • Sakurai Tomo - Stamp club (スタンプクラブ)

    Megumi's final comments were that her live video and CD goes on sale 3/5, and the Evangelion movie also comes out in March.

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