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  • Anime Express - 1997.03.01

    Watashi no Kare ha Pilot (Sakurai Tomo)
    Macross Generation 4
    Tomo finally recovered from her cold. She thought that her cold didn't get fixed for a long time because of her eating habits. So she tried to be more careful recently. Tomo didn't drink miso soup before. But recently she tries to drink it once a day. The reason why Tomo didn't like to drink miso soup before was because she would get full with the miso soup. She said that she would rather eat two bowls of rice than drink miso soup. As to what Tomo likes inside the miso soup, she likes egg and the soft kind of wakame (seaweed).

    Also Tomo didn't drink milk before, but now she tries to drink it once a day.

    Tomo read some letters.

    Someone asked about karaoke, and Tomo said that she hasn't gone to karaoke in over a year. Someone asked her how one can sing well, but Tomo said that it doesn't matter how well one sings, as long as one has fun.

    Tomo got a letter from someone who fell in love with her teacher. Tomo said that never happened to her, but she did say that there was a time when she liked another female.

    Tomo read three letters in the "anpan no tsubuyaki" corner. 1) broccoli, 2) button for a street light, and 3) Tomo's bra.

    Tomo said that she sometimes got broccoli and cauliflower mixed up when she was little.

    Tomo's bra: You forgot me again.
    Tomo: Yes, this happens a lot.. I can't help it.

    Then Tomo played Watashi no Kare ha Pilot from the Macross Generation Legend of Eternal Songs CD that will go on sale 4/23.

    The drama was Macross Generation episode 4.

    The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya. The release dates of the Macross Generation CDs have been set.

    CDsingle 3/26 Yuuki wo Kudasai/Mirai no Diary by Tamura Yukari
    drama CD 4/09 Macross Generation jou
    drama CD 4/26 Macross Generation ge
    CD 4/23 Macross Generation Legend of Eternal Songs

    On 3/22, there will be a Jungle de Ikou event at Animate Yokohama. The OAV will be shown, and there will be a talk show by Sendai Eri. To participate one has to buy the CDsingle, video, or LD at Animate Yokoyama or Animate Shinbashi.

    Tomo thanked the people who came to her Valentine Aid event. The next event will be the ski tour event, for her fan club.

    Then there will be a concert on 4/3 at the Akasaka Blitz.

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