Anime Express - 1997.04.26

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.04.26
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Guest Ueda Yuuji (ʹ)
Songs Silent Eiga no Machi (Ueda Yuuji)
Drama none

At the opening of the radio show, there is a short comical skit about the future of Sakurai Tomo (10 years). Tomo is married and has a first grade son called Tomonosuke. The mother is very boke.. Tomo does the voice of both Tomonosuke and the mother (herself). Very nice voices.

Tomo had an event on 5/4 in Kobe. This was the first time that she had gone to the Portopia Island there.

The guest this week was Ueda Yuuji. Tomo and Yuuji were both in Ruruouni Kenshin right now. They said they didn't have much time to talk, so Yuuji said, "Here, I'll give you my phone number.."
Tomo replied, "Please give it to my office."

In the "oh my boom" corner, the guest talked about what he/she was very interested in right now.

Yuuji said that his shoulders were very tired, so he's been trying out some massages. He likes the kind where someone comes to his house to give him the massage. Tomo had tried a foot massage before, and said it was good. Yuuji never tried that and said that he wanted to try.

In the "MD doki doki roulette" corner, there were three MDs and the guest had to choose one of them. There were three questions on the MDs. But one out of the nine was a "bomb", which was a little bit mean.

Q1: If you can have a part in an American movie, what part would you want to do?
Yuuji: A sneaky Japanese.

Q2: What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
Tomo: Are you afraid of roller coasters?
Yuuji: Usually not afraid of roller coasters. But there was a time when I went to one of those "portable" amusement parks in America that had a wooden roller coaster. I was afraid that it might break.

Q3: [bomb] Do three imitations.
Yuuji did imitations of Morimoto Leo and Lupin. Tomo let him off with just those two, and said that it was very good.

In the "anpan no tsubuyaki" corner, Tomo read one letter (garbage bag) and Yuuji read one (chicken shaped desserts).

Then they played one of Yuuji's songs from Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial, Silent Eiga no Machi.

The next corner was the "Tomo no recipe ha daitan futeki" corner. This was a corner where the listeners send in recipes for the dish of the month. This corner is tied in with Seiyuu Grand Prix and Ani Raji Grand Prix. If there is a good recipe, a professional cook will make it, and Tomo will eat it, with pictures in the magazine.

The theme of this month was "obento", but since this corner had just started, there weren't any letters yet.

The editor of Ani Raji Grand Prix came, and talked about volume 7. The cover has Furumoto Shinnosuke, Minami Omi, and Ikezawa Haruna. They went to Mother Bokujou and partied. The magazine contains lots of information for the new radio shows. The next issue of Ani Raji Grand Prix will have Sakurai Tomo on the cover.

[There was no Jouhou Express corner this broadcast.]

The Macross Generation vocal CD goes on sale 5/14.

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