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  • Anime Express - 1997.05.03

    Iori (°ΛΏ₯)
    Kimi ga Ireba (Iori)
    You're the Only One (Love Connection)
    The guest this week was Iori (a singer who sings the theme song to the Detective Conan movie). Iori was a girl who had just graduated from high school, a girls' high school.

    In the "oh my boom" corner, Iori said that she liked taking walks, and cycling. The longest that she went cycling was to the Rainbow bridge, which took 6 hours.

    In the "MD doki doki roulette" corner, the questions were:

    Q1: What would you bring to a deserted island?
    Tomo: Anpan.
    Iori: An army knife.. to fight against the enemy and wild animals.

    Q2: Which star would you like to meet?
    Iori: Harrison Ford.

    Q3: [bomb] Show me what's inside your bag.
    Tomo went through Iori's bag, saying it was very heavy (full of stuff). There were tissues, wallet, handkerchief, TBS pass, script, etc.. Tomo said that it was embarrassing looking in someone's bag.

    Then they played Kimi ga Ireba by Iori, her debut single (and theme song for the Conan movie) that went on sale 4/23.

    In the "Tomo no recipe ha daitan futeki" corner, Tomo just talked about "obento", but didn't read any letters.

    The next corner was the "Jouhou Express" corner by Sugawara Aya. Aya said that she has been a Yakult Swallows fan for 10 years.

    The Meitantei Conan original soundtrack is on sale now. Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 11 goes on sale 5/10. The cover has Iwao Junko, and there are lots of pictures of her. There is also a feature on Kuwashima Houko and Minami Omi, Sakurai Tomo and Moriya Hisoka bowling, etc.

    The Kero Kero Chime OP went on sale.

    Then they played the Kero Kero Chime OP, You're the Only One by Love Connection.

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