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  • Anime Express - 1997.05.10

    Yoshida Sayuri
    Zero G Love (Yoshida Sayuri)
    Something (Chikazawa Miho)
    Tomo said that it was very cold, as the air conditioning in the studio was too strong. (This was one of Tomo's weaknesses, cold, sleepy, hungry.)

    The guest was Yoshida Sayuri. Although they did the Macross Generation recording together (and met twice), this was the firs time that Tomo and Sayuri got to talk.

    In the "oh my boom" corner, Sayuri said that she was a Disney goods collector. She had a ring, pen, and watch with her. Tomo likes Mickey Mouse too. Sayuri's favorite is Minnie. She said that she has many different kinds of clocks at home.

    In the "MD doki doki roulette" corner, the questions were:

    1) one word to anyone
    Sayuri: to the person who hit me with the umbrella on the train, I'm mad.

    2) what would you be doing if you weren't a seiyuu
    Sayuri: plays.
    Macross Generation was Sayuri's first job as a seiyuu. But Sayuri has been doing plays for 11 years (she's 25 right now, born in 1972). The reason she got into doing plays was because her mother was very pushy in making her an actress.

    3) a little something that made you happy
    During the first Macross Generation recording, Sayuri was hungry and her stomach grumbled, but Tomo smiled at her.

    Sayuri will have a play from 5/15 to 5/18 at the theater Sun Mall. She will do the role of a daughter of a fisherman.

    Then they played Zero G Love by Yoshida Sayuri, from the Macross Generation Legend of Eternal Songs CD which goes on sale 5/14.

    For Tomo's recipe corner, Tomo just read one letter.

    Then Mr. Ando from Seiyuu Grand Prix came, and talked about the current issue, volume 11. The cover has Iwao Junko, and there are many pictures of Junko which are different from her normal self. Junko wanted to "transform" into Madonna.

    Also Kuwashima Houko and Minami Omi (both in Nadesico) took pictures similar to Puffy (a Japanese popular group). There are also articles on Sakurai Tomo and Moriya Hisoka's challenge, Tomo's concert, and Shiina Hekiru's opening day pitch.

    The next corner was the "Jouhou Express" corner by Sugawara Aya. Aya was good at cooking hamburger, omlette rice, and curry.

    The ending song to Kero Kero Chime is sung by the 1996 Miss Nihon Grand Prix winner Chikazawa Miho. Then they played Something by Chikazawa Miho.

    Tomo said that she just ate an onigiri.

    The guest next week will be Nagasaki Moe.

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