Anime Express - 1997.05.24

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.05.24
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest none
Songs Froid no Ohige (Sakurai Tomo)
Hanasaku Otome (Yokoyama Chisa)
Drama none

Tomo read three letters for the "anpan no tsubuyaki" corner.

1) scale: even if you only use one feet, you'll weigh the same.
Tomo said that she weighed herself at least once per day.

2) hitting the little toe on something
Tomo said that it really hurts when you hit your little toe on a corner or something. She said that the inside part of the elbow is painful too.

3) kogal plucking eyebrows
Tomo said that the high school girls now had thin eyebrows. But she said that thick eyebrows might come back in fashion someday, so they shouldn't pluck their eyebrows too much. Tomo said that she heard not all of the eyebrow hair grows back.

Then Tomo played Froid no Ohige, from her T-Mode CD.

There was no guest this week, and Tomo read more letters.

Tomo said that she should have kept her high school sweatshirt. At the time, she didn't think it was very cute, but now she thinks that it was very cute. It was red and had two navy stripes. The high school that Tomo went to was Hinode Joshi Gakuen, a school that many famous "stars" go to.

Four days ago, Tomo was trying to sleep, but suddenly woke up. Then she saw a spider on the edge of her pillow.

There was a question from a listener: At what age do you want to marry?

Tomo replied by saying that she already got married to a lot of her fans ealier this year. But Tomo said that she wanted children.

In the "recipe" corner, Tomo read one letter about obento.

The next corner was the "Jouhou Express" corner by Sugawara Aya. Aya said that she likes watching any movie, but one that she really liked recently was "The Rock".

Aya gave out some information about Seiyuu Grand Prix 11.

Then they played Hanasaku Otome, by Yokoyama Chisa.

Tomo read the winners of some presents.

The guest next week will be Matsumoto Rica.

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