Anime Express - 1997.06.21

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.06.21
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest Sasaki Nozomu (˾)
Songs Wake Up Boys (Sasaki Nozomu)
Wind Song (Matsu Takako)
Drama none

They were announcing keywords for another special present. The first keyword was "pa" ().

The guest was Sasaki Nozomu. Tomo hadn't seen Nozomu for around four months. She said that he was nicely suntanned.

The first corner was the "oh my boom" corner. Nozomu said that he was into personal computers, and he has been doing it for around three years. He has around 20 PCs in his house, and this is his only hobby. But he still doesn't know how to program a VCR. Tomo said that she knows how to do that.

Tomo said she bought a color printer recently. She has a digital camera, so she prints the pictures that she takes.
Nozomu: What do you take pictures of?
Tomo: Myself.

The next keyword was "so" ().

The next corner was the "MD doki doki roulette" corner.

1) If you imagine your lover as an anime character, who would it be? Nozomu said that he liked Cutey Honey and Merumo-chan when he was younger.

2) If you can be born in any period of time, which one would you choose? Nozomu said "any". Tomo said that she didn't want to be born in the age where they swing swords and such. She would be too scared. Tomo feels that she used to be a man in the days of the samurai, and did bad things. She said that her current self is probably the third regeneration. Her next one won't be a human. She imagines being a big tree in a park. But she isn't the type that can stay still. Nozomu said that he can't stay still either.

3) Do you prefer guys to wear trunks or briefs? Nozomu: I don't care what others wear! Tomo: What about for yourself? Nozomu: Anything if it's cute. Then Tomo said that there were many cute trunks out recently. She buys them and gives it to her father and sister's husband. She gave a Mickey Mouse trunks to her father. Then Nozomu noticed that his definition of cute probably doesn't match Tomo's.. Tomo said that she has fun shopping for men's underwear.

Nozomu will have a new album called "Double Direction" going on sale 8/1. They played a song from it called, Wake Up Oh Boys.

The next corner was the recipe corner, and Tomo read one recipe. The next issue of Ani Raji Grand Prix (8) has Tomo on the cover, and there is also an article and poster of Tomo. Tomo's recipe corner will also be in Ani Raji Grand Prix, one page, color.

The next corner was Sugawara Aya's Jouhou Express corner. Ani Raji Grand Prix 8 will go on sale 6/26.

The OP and ED of Kero Kero Chime will change in July. Both are sung by Chieko.

Matsu Takako's third single went on sale. It is the theme song to the Jungle Taitei movie. Then they played Wind Song, but Matsu Takako.

Aya read the next keyword, "ko" ().

The special present will be a Sakurai Tomo mouse pad. Nozomu read the final keyword "n" ().

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