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  • Anime Express - 1997.07.05

    Nagano Ai
    Ashita no Door (Nagano Ai)
    In the opening skit, Tomonosuke said he was doing e-mail.. Then Tomo said, "Don't exchange bad mails."

    The guest was Nagano Ai, who debuted as a seiyuu in Cutey Honey Flash, as Cutey Honey.

    This was the first time that Tomo and Ai met. But Ai said that she went to a seiyuu seminar many years ago, and Tomo was helping out with the lecture.

    Q: Do you remember the original Cutey Honey?
    Ai: It was aired one year before I was born, but I saw the reruns.

    Tomo said she remembered that the transformation scene was naked, but the current Cutey Honey Flash is not as ecchi.

    Ai said that she doesn't eat much during summer. She eats jelly or yogurt a lot, and this year she found a fruit yogurt with cherries in it.

    Ai said she likes to try new things. Tomo said she likes to stick to one thing that she likes.

    Ai said she lives with her parents in Saitama.

    The questions in the "MD doki doki roulette" corner were was follows.

    1) What are you worried about the most?
    Ai said that she gets tired in the summer. She doesn't like summer.
    Tomo said that she hated winter, and loves summer.

    2) What's a date that you remember?
    When she was in college, Ai couldn't take the same class with a senpai that she liked. But he walked her home, and took her to eat tempura. She doesn't like tempura, but she ate half of it and apologized.
    Tomo said that a guy she liked in junior high was in her dream four nights ago.

    3 [boom!] Tomo asked her to say something ecchi in the voice of Cutey Honey.
    Ai: Honey flash! Aa dame.. Sonna koto shicha iyan..

    The Cutey Honey Flash song collection will go on sale 6/21. Honey sang one song on it.

    Then they played Ashita no Door by Kisaragi Honey.

    Then Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner. She also said that she was in Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 8, eating the bento.

    The next corner was "genba no Satou-san", and Tomo read one letter.

    On 6/16, at around 18:30 in Nerima, one person saw Tomo. Tomo said that it really was her, as she went to dentist.
    Tomo: When you see me, please talk to me.

    Then it was Sugawara Aya's "jouhou express" corner. Aya said that she didn't have anything planned for the summer vacation.

    Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 12, with Miyamura Yuko on the cover will go on sale 7/10, cost 980 yen. There will also be articles on Koyasu Takehito, Hikami Kyoko, Shiina Hekiru, Sakurai Tomo, and Kouda Mariko.

    The Playstation game Armored Core will have original mecha, and a mecha simulator. They will give away a telephone card as a present to 10 people.

    Wind Song, the Jungle Taitei image song, is included on the Jungle Taitei soundtrack that goes on sale in July.

    Tomo will have her Tomo Natsu 97 concert on 8/2.

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