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  • Anime Express - 1997.07.12

    Africa no Yume (Sakurai Tomo)
    [missed the first few minutes]

    Tomo learned about "sleeping" during class when she was in high school. But one of the teachers was very strict, so she had to think of ways to sleep without getting caught.

    One listener sent in a letter about the Weekend Joy TV program the previous week. Tomo wore a blue one piece, but her underwear was visible. Tomo saw it on the video herself, and was surprised.

    Also when Tomo was on the Yoru no Hippare TV show, she met a former classmate who was a manager of one of the other stars.

    Tomo hates someone who has an affair. She likes someone who will only look at one person.

    Tomo went to karaoke the other day. She always sings the same songs, but she sang one new song, Suna no Kajitsu.

    Then she played her song, Africa no Yume.

    Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner, for fried rice.

    Miyamura Yuko is on the cover of the current Seiyuu Grand Prix. Tomo played pool (billiards) with Moriya Hisoka. This time the present is a set of Iwao Junko telephone cards. The deadline is 8/20.

    The next corner was Sugawara Aya's Jouhou Express corner. Aya said that she likes foreign music, like Aerosmith and Peter Gabriel.

    The current issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix has Miyamura Yuko on the cover, and the present is a set of two Iwao Junko telephone cards.

    The soundtrack to the Jungle Taitei movie will go on sale. The theme song Wind Song is sung by Matsu Takako.

    [end of Jouhou express]

    Tomo's summer concert, Tomo Natsu '97, will take place on 8/2 at Odaiba from 18:00 to 20:00. There will be 5000 people invited for free, and the deadline for sending in is 7/15.

    Tomo will also have a mini live at the Osaka Royal Hotel on 8/15. The tickets are on sale now.

    [Anime Express]

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