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  • Anime Express - 1997.07.19

    Iwata Mitsuo
    Ore wo Yarinukusa (Iwata Mitsuo)
    [missed the first few minutes]

    The guest was Iwata Mitsuo.

    Iwata Mitsuo's my boom corner was about cars. Tomo said that she just got a driver's license, one limited to automatic transmission.

    Mitsuo 's "doki doki MD roulette" corner had the following questions.

    1) S&M, print club, and "enjo kousai", which are you interested in?
    Mitsuo said that he was interested in S&M. He said that he loved to get picked on. He said Miyamu does it to him a lot.

    2) A younger girl asks you out, what would you do?
    Mitsuo said that he had only gone out with girls the same age. But he loves large breasts..
    Tomo: Then I'm not good enough..

    3) Which part of female is most important to you?
    Since he mentioned he liked breasts, Mitsuo said breasts.. But for both men and women, Mitsuo likes eyes. He said Tomo's eyes are pretty.
    Tomo: But my breasts are too small..

    Mitsuo's first album went on sale a while ago, called Hanashi ga Chigau. Then they played Ore wo Yarinukusa, a song from the album where he wrote the lyrics.

    Then Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner, ochazuke chaahan.

    Tomo used to have a nickname of "8 Yen".

    The next corner was Sugawara Aya's Jouhou Express corner. Aya's nickname used to be "Yuu-san". When she was in high school, there was a sea chicken Yuu CM on, and Aya was similar to the girl on the CM.

    Seiyuu Grand Prix 12 has a special about seiyuu schools. Also it has Kamiya Akira's corner on becoming a seiyuu.

    On 8/6 there will be a Ryuuki Denshou event at Ishimaru Soft One, with Miyamura Yuko and Imai Yuka.

    The is now an official Macross home page, at http://www.macross.co.jp/.

    The Jungle Taitei soundtrack will go on sale 7/24.

    There will be a series of Kero Kero Chime events with Higuchi Chieko, who sings the new OP and ED.

    [end of Jouhou Express]

    On 8/6 a documentary video of Iwata Mitsuo going from Tokyo to Osaka on a 50 cc motorcycle will go on sale. It will also contain some other video clips of the past.

    Then Mitsuo made a new corner for Tomo, asking people to send in some ideas of cars that would fit Tomo. Tomo asked for pamphlets too.

    [Anime Express]

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