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  • Anime Express - 1997.08.16

    Aitakutemo Aenai (Sakurai Tomo)
    Tomo said that it was very hot recently. (But actually it has been cool the last three days.. So maybe this show is recorded before Thursday.)

    This was the first week of the summer vacation special. The present that will be given away is a MD of a special radio show, that Tomo records just for this present.

    Tomo read a letter for the "nayami" (worries) corner.

    Then Tomo played Aitakutemo Aenai, from her album Cherry.

    Next was the recipe corner. The Ani Raji Grand Prix that goes on sale 8/26 will have an article about Tomo eating one of the fried rice dishes.

    They aired the recording of when Tomo went to a haunted house at the Kourakuen Amusement Park. It had been around 10 years since she had come to Kourakuen. She went in the haunted house before, but this changes every year.

    Then she went in.. and talked while walking in the haunted house. Tomo said there were lots of dolls. She said Japanese dolls are scary. Tomo was laughing more than she screamed.. Then it got scarier and scarier, and Tomo screamed more and more. But she finished in time. When one goes in, they are given a "heart" and they have to finish the haunted house before the heart stops beating.

    The next corner was Sugawara Aya's Jouhou Express corner. Aya said that she went to Kourakuen this summer, but she was too scared to go into the haunted house.

    Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 9 will go on sale 8/26. It will have Kouda Mariko on the cover, and there will be an interview with Mariko about her radio shows.

    The Kero Kero Chime videos volume 3 and 4 will go on sale this month. Also the new ED theme by Higuchi Chieko will go on sale 8/21.

    Tomo read out the first keyword for the present, "su".

    The guest next week will be Yamadera Kouichi, and after that it will be Kouda Mariko.

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