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  • Anime Express - 1997.09.13

    Tamura Yukari (¼椫)
    Sparkle With Delight (Tamura Yukari)
    Tomo said that her birthday has passed (9/10), and that she became 26. But she didn't feel anything about it. It's not like she became 20, or some significant number.

    The guest was Tamura Yukari (her second time as a guest).

    Yukari said that she went to the beach this summer. She wore a cute, one piece swim suit.

    Tomo also wore a swim suit this summer, but at a hotel in Osaka. It was a racing swim suit, and this was the first time that Tomo had worn this kind of swim suit.

    Then they read letters for the "Sato-san" corner.

    Tomo said that she had some money stolen from her wallet when she was working. She had 7000 yen in her wallet, one 5000 yen bill and two 1000 yen bills. The thief only took the 5000 yen bill, so she didn't notice it right away.

    Yukari said that she had never gone to a public bath before. She wants to try it, and drink the bottled milk after the bath.

    Tomo used to go a lot when she was little. Since the milk was sold on the men's side, she would just go over there naked and buy the milk. Tomo said that she hadn't done that recently.. (^_^;)

    Yukari said that a cockroach appeared in her room. Tomo said that there wasn't any in her room this year, but she saw some outside on the streets, at night.

    They continued with the "worries" corner. Tomo read a letter from someone who fell in love with an anime character. She said that it's the same as falling in love with stars, and characters in live action drama. Tomo said she does this all the time, and it's "normal".

    Then the played Sparkle With Delight, from Tamura Yukari's new mini album What's New Pussycat.

    The next corner was the recipe corner, and Tomo read a letter for spaghetti.

    Yukari said that she can't cook. She used to cook a little before, but she doesn't cook any more.

    In Sugawara Aya's Jouhou express corner, Aya said that her favorite baseball team was doing good, so she wants to see them in the Japan series.

    In November and December, Tomo will be in a musical (a Japanese story).

    Yukari will have her first mini album, What's New Pussycat, coming out soon.

    Also Yukari will be in the TV anime Daiundoukai every week, in some minor role.

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