Anime Express - 1997.09.27

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.09.27
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest none
Songs Korekara (Sakurai Tomo)
Drama none

Tomo said that she got a car for her birthday, from the people in her production. It was a Vyuuto (?).

Tomo announced the winners of the summer special presents.

Tomo likes pizza, the very thin kind.

Tomo took a late summer vacation recently. She went to an onsen in Izu with people from her production, and she saw a monkey show. Tomo said monkeys were cute.

Then Tomo read a letter for the "worries" corner.

Tomo played her song Korekara. [full version]

Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner (spaghetti).

Tomo was given some 1971 wine for her birthday. (Same year as Tomo.)

Next was Sugawara Aya's "jouhou express" corner. Aya said that she couldn't drink.. (because it's cuter for girls to say that they can't drink)

The "bible" for people who want to be a seiyuu, Kimi mo Seiyuu ni Nareru, by Kamiya Akira will go on sale 10/1, 1500 yen.

The Kero Kero Chime LD box will go on sale in December. It is reservation only, and the deadline is 10/20.

[end of jouhou express]

Tomo will be a guest at the Nagoya Matsuri event on 10/12.

Next week will be the final broadcast of Anime Express! This was the longest radio program that Tomo has done, at two and a half years.

[Anime Express]

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