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  • Anime Express - 1997.10.04

    Diary (Sakurai Tomo)
    Warachaukedo Suki (Sakurai Tomo)
    This was the final broadcast for this radio show.

    Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner. Tomo said that she was 26 years old but she still can't cook too well. She said that she will try to learn how to cook some more this year.

    Then Tomo read a letter for the "worries" corner.

    Tomo said that she couldn't talk to many people when she was younger. She was only able to talk to her close friends, and she would even blush when the boy she liked passed by her.

    Then Tomo played her song Diary.

    Next was Sugawara Aya's "jouhou express" corner.

    There will be a book by Hisakawa Aya telling of the five and a half years that she lived with her bird Piisuke, called Oyasumi Piisuke. It will go on sale 10/6.

    The Kero Kero Chime LD box will go on sale 12/17. It is reservation only, and must reserve by 10/20.

    Aya: Thank you for listening.

    Aya said that she will have a regular role in the new anime Koji Koji.

    [end of jouhou express]

    Then Tomo talked about the two and a half years of Anime Express. She talked about the various corners that she had. There was also a rap corner, and they even played a tape of one of them. Tomo said she can't rap, and asked the people who recorded it to erase it. (^_^;)
    [but the one they played wasn't that bad..]

    Then Tomo played Warachaukedo Suki.

    Tomo: Thank you to everyone who wrote letters.

    Tomo will have a new radio program! Sakurai Tomo's Kabocha ni Onegai will be broadcast TBS at Sunday 23:30.

    [Anime Express]

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