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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.01.29

    Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)
    Bon Voyage (Hayashibara Megumi)
    A Ha Ha no Yuuki (Mitsuishi Kotono)
    Megumi introduced Mitsuishi Kotono as Silver Mountain, the twin sister to Megumi's Gold Mountain character. She's also the very popular Sailor Moon.

    Kotono said, "It has been decided that the series (Sailor Moon) will continue after March."
    Megumi said, "So it will change from R to somehing like Z?"
    Kotono said, "Super. You think it's a joke right? It's written Sailor Moon S, but it's pronounced Super."
    Megumi said, "So you're going to get stronger?"
    Kotono said, "Yes, there will be another transformation."
    Megumi said, "Are there going to be a new set of toys too?"
    Kotono said, "Yes, the mothers and fathers out there, ganbatte!"

    Kotono said, "I did the recording for the new transformation (a CM for toy, not the anime). Now, it's moon crystal power make up. But it will be moon cosmic power. I wonder what it means?"
    Megumi said, "I don't know. Is there going to be a sixth senshi? I want to do it!"
    Kotono said, "I think there will be two more. The five will be the same as before, and the two new ones start as the enemy.. Last year I went to Takeuchi Naoko's house and saw some of the drawings of the new characters. They are all so sexy, had large breasts, large hips.."
    Megumi said, "Then I don't think I can ever do it."

    Megumi said, "Kotono released a mini album on January 26. We will talk about it later."

    Then Megumi read some letters from listeners.

    Megumi played one of her songs Bon Voyage, the OP for the new Minky Momo OAV, Tabidachi no Eki.

    Then Megumi and Kotono talked about A Ha Ha. Kotono said, "All five songs are very different. There is a ballad, a cute song, a pop song, etc. There is also some talk in between the songs.

    There was a question from a listener. "Why did the title become A Ha Ha?"
    Kotono said, "There is a song called A Ha Ha no Yuuki. So it came from that.

    Megumi asked, "Any interesting stories during recording?"
    Kotono said, "There were so many I forgot. I only remember the food.. When I was recording Sayonara Valentine I got into the words too much and started crying."

    There was a question from a listener. "There was something about Hummingbird breaking up in June. Is this true?"
    Kotono said, "That's not true. There will be something in the summer. We will be recording it this spring."

    Another question from a listener. "Is there anything that you are interested in right now?"
    Kotono said, "When I go to various places for events, I like to eat the good food there."

    Then they played A Ha Ha no Yuuki from Mitsuishi Kotono's A Ha Ha album.

    After the song, Megumi asked, "There are plans for a second album?"
    Kotono said, "Yes, this will be a full album with around ten songs. The details haven't been decided yet."

    Megumi and Kotono were going to go to Hokkaidou to ski. Kotono hadn't gone skiing much recently.

    The column in Animedia that Megumi had been doing will go to Kotono, and Megumi will have a new column starting in AnimeV.

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