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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.06.04

    Sunaona Kimochi (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Bounty Dog episode 4
    Megumi says, "Sphere (her new album) goes on sale 7/2. Less than one month! I'm listening to the tape of it everyday, where ever I go, all the time. I'm very happy. This is my 5th album, the 3rd original one. I had already said everything I wanted to in the first and second albums, so I couldn't think of what to say. So I had it extended from going on sale in March to July. I went on trips, met many people, and met people who gave me beautiful songs. So it came together and I was able to write 4 or 5 songs. This album contains Yume Hurry Up, Bon Voyage, Until Strawberry Sherbet which are previous singles."

    Megumi played Sunaona Kimochi, a slow song.

    The last half of the show was Bounty Dog story 4. The story got very interesting!

    Megumi said that she would be at the Tokyo Toy Show on 6/5, and her event (talk show) would start at 11:00. They would let in 250 people.

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