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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.06.11

    Mizutani Yuko (水谷優子)
    Akahori Satoru
    Until Strawberry Sherbet (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Tekkaman Blade 2 episode 7.
    They talked about Bakuretsu Hunter. The CD single (song by H. Megumi) is on sale now, and the CD drama will go on sale soon. There is a radio drama on currently. (I don't know channel or time.) It's a story of a magical story, and the girls dress up in S&M style a little. H. Megumi and Mizutani Yuko do voices in it.

    Question (from listener): Why are the sorcerer hunters dressed like that?
    Akahori: Me and the artist's tastes. The sailor suits are in fashion now. So after the sailor suits would be S&M..
    Megumi: Isn't it going too far!
    Yuko: At events, there are girls who cosplay, for example Shurato. But if they dress as in Bakuretsu Hunter, it wouldn't be very good for the education of young people.
    Megumi: Chocola is literally nude! She's only wearing suspenders to cover her nipples. You can see from the sides right?
    Akahori: Yeah, but in the manga, it's made so that it never falls off no matter what happens.
    Megumi: Maybe she doesn't have any?
    Akahori: She does.
    Yuko: She's stuck it on?
    Megumi: Oh, the nipless? The good boys (listeners) probably don't know about it.
    Yuko: The flesh colored stickers..

    Megumi: When I first read the manga, the character was very kind. But when I turned the page, the bondage popped out. I thought, oh I have to do this..
    Yuko: At first you had a lot of trouble with the laugh. There aren't people who laugh like ho ho ho.

    Question: Who are the models for the characters?
    Akahori: There is no model for the characters. I like two-sided characters. All of the charcters in Bakuretsu have two sides. Some are visual, some are in personality.

    They played the song Until Strawberry Sherbet, the theme for Bakuretsu Hunter.

    The last half of the show was Tekkaman Blade 2 episode 7.

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