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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.10.08

    Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)
    Life (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Mitsuishi Gakuen Kouka (Mitsuishi Kotono)
    Near the beginning of the show, Furumoto Shinnosuke (古本新之輔) came and announced that his band Soul Too Hot, will have a live event at the Harajuku Ruido on 10/18. Furumoto has done the voices of Leo (Jungle Taitei) and Bakuretsu Hunter.

    Megumi played Life, which was the coupling song to the Blue Seed ED. The ED CD single will go on sale 11.03.

    A listener wrote in that there was a train station called Mitsuishi, but that there wasn't one called Hayashibara.

    Megumi was wondering if you can take the insides out of a sea urchin, and have it survive out of the shell. "What is that inside part?" Megumi asked.
    Kotono said, "The brain?"
    Megumi said, "It can't be living with just a brain."

    Megumi and Kotono talked about Blue Seed. Kotono had lots of trouble doing Koume. "At first I thought I was going to cry. But now it's fun."

    Megumi used to do roles like that. Megumi said that she gets a lot of stress doing roles where she is like a real heroine. "I was really happy that Momiji was a girl who got protected by others. But when I actually see Momiji fall in the battle scenes, I feel like I want to get up myself and go wild. Doing a heroine is very difficult. Lots of stress."
    Kotono said, "That's because you're not used to it. You always did characters who fight on their own, who got up right after they fall down."
    "Or characters that never fall down," Megumi added.

    Kotono started going to a sports club. "I wanted to go to get into shape, and to make friends, meet guys. But I usually only go to the pool. In the pool, everyone just swims and does everything by themselves. So I can't meet anyone."
    Megumi asked, "Any coaches?"
    "They are women."

    In a future episode, there will be a kappa aragami in Blue Seed. There were lots of them, so Megumi did a voice for one of them.

    Kotono will release a CD single on 11.25. "Dare Yori Kagayaite" and "Mitsuishi Gakuen Kouka" will be the songs. It is the first single she releases as herself.

    Megumi played the song Mitsuishi Gakuen Kouka.

    The only new show this fall that Kotono is in is Blue Seed. The other roles that she is doing are videos and continuing TV series. Sailor Moon will have new bad guys. "Now I transform into Super Sailor Moon. Super Sailor Moon has yellow hair that stands up and can fly!"
    Megumi said, "That's Dragonball!"
    Kotono said, "Just joking.."

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