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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.11.05

    Trust You Forever
    Megami no Hoho ni Kuchizuke (Kouda Mariko)
    This is the first Megumi only 30 minute DJ special in 4 months.

    Megumi said,"I want to apologize. This Wednesday there was a TV program called "Tonight" and I was interviewed. They told me about it on Sunday, and we got the radio staff together on Monday. So I didn't have time to tell you."

    "Also on 11.15 (Tuesday) I will be on a NHK program, Ohayou Nippon from 6 AM to 8 AM. I will be interviewed in the "Trend Corner". They are doing a special on female seiyuu."

    "I also got (or will get) interviewed for the Flash and Shuukan Houseki magazines."

    I was send a bag of chestnuts from a fan and I was very happy. But when I opened it, it was all spoiled. I still haven't eaten chestnuts or matsutake yet this year. But I will soon.

    The other day I went to the supermarket. Usually I don't have a chance to go because I don't get home in time when the supermarket is open. I discovered that things are so convenient now. There are so many things that are already made, so it is very easy. I was surprised.

    Megumi played the song Trust You Forever the new OP from G Gundam.

    They did the recording of this soundtrack in hong Kong, so there's going to be Hong Kong versions of these songs too.

    In the magazines, they now advertise for the lipstick that will not leave a mark on the cup. In the fine print, they say that it might be different for different people. I wonder what they mean by that. Anyway, I bought one. But it didn't work! I wore a white sweater, and the lipstick left a mark. Well, there seems to be a technique for using this. After putting it on, you have to dry it with a tissue, and then put it on again.

    Megumi played the song Megami no Hoho ni Kuchizuke by Kouda Mariko from Tekkaman Blade 2.

    Question from listener: Is Blue Seed really going to end in 26 episodes?
    Megumi: Yes, it's planned that way.

    The Blue Seed national tour will start soon. 12/10 in Yokohama, 12/11 in Takatsuki, 12/18 in Hachiouji and Ogikubo.

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