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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1994.11.26

    Until Strawberry Sherbet (Hayashibara Megumi, Greg Lee)
    It's Destiny (Okui Masami)
    The Blue Seed events have started.
    Megumi: I went to Hokkaidou. It was very cold. But it was a great event. I have some very happy news. Hokkaidou HBC will start carrying this radio show! Also Nankai Housou in Shikoku will carry it too.

    Megumi read a lot of normal letters from listeners.

    Megumi played the song Until Strawberry Sherbet. But this one is a different version, which is on the CD Bakuretsu Hunter whip 4, which goes on sale 12/21. It is a different mixing, and Megumi's tracks are identical to the other version. But the male part (which Megumi did in the other version), is done by Greg Lee.

    There was a letter from Kamata Yasuhiko of Kanagawa. [Megumi had read the name wrong on the radio show.] "There is a foreign Hayashibara Megumi fan club. It's true! There are members from America, Australia, Canada, and such. There is also a newsletter. It even contains some information from Tokyo Boogie Night."
    Megumi: I think this comes from people who are on PC networks who translate stuff. Thank you very much.
    "It's in English, so when I translate it, I'll send it to you."
    Megumi: I'm waiting.

    Megumi: Well.. I'll say it. It's not finalized, but next year I might go to Anime America! I'll brainwash those people in the fan club. But I'm not good in English.

    Another letter from a listener said, "It seems like Megumi got a boy friend. It's a lie."
    Megumi: How do you know!? But, it's as you say.

    Since there are new radio stations being added, there were letters from Iwate prefecture requesting Megumi to introduce herself.
    Megumi: I like Morioka reimen. I'm a seiyuu, and I'm doing anime work. Blue Seed, Tico, etc. I'll release an album in March.

    Megumi played the song It's Destiny by Okui Masami, which will be the new ED song to Tekkaman Blade 2 episode 4.

    Next week the guest will be Hidaka Noriko. Then Komori Manami will be the guest the following week.

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