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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1995.01.21

    Temporary Guest
    Okamoto Maya (岡本麻弥)
    Tears no Kataomoi (Mizutani Yuko)
    GS Mikami act 1
    Megumi gave a short message to the victims of the Kobe earthquake. She had gone to Kobe recently to take pictures for the new album.

    Okamoto Maya came to the studio to give a short announcement. There will be a bridal expo at the Makuhari Messe on 2/4 - 2/5. She and some other seiyuu (Yamaguchi Kappei, etc) will be there to do a little drama and a talk show. The cost will be 3500 yen to get in.

    Maya stayed for a little bit as Megumi read some letters from listeners. Then Maya asked, "Is your program a food program?"
    Megumi said, "No."

    Then Megumi played Mizutani Yuko's song from the recently released Tekkaman Blade 2 CD singles set. There were five CD singles released, and each one has a song, karaoke, and some drama.

    The radio drama was GS Mikami act 1.

    Megumi commented about her recording for the new album, as there was a question from a listener. "I was doing heavy recording (4 to 5 hours). It wasn't hard to get the notes right, but when I try to put feeling into it, it got all messed up. It was very difficult this time. After getting the tape of the music, the melody, the lyrics, and the music sheet, I study it until the recording session."

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