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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1995.02.04

    Hoshi wo Tobikoete (Sakura and Momiji)
    Megami Paradise lesson 3
    Megumi said, "It was a very busy week for me. But I had one day off. Usually I just stay home and sleep, but I read 3 books." She said she really like the books that she read. I forgot the titles.

    Megumi read some letters from listeners.

    Megumi said, "I still remember when we first got a color TV. I like it when I get new electrical appliances. I sit there and play with it a lot."

    Megumi played a song from Blue Seed, Hoshi wo Tobikoete by Sakura and Momiji (Tamagawa Sakiko and Hayashibara Megumi).

    Megumi said, "I will be in Doraemon, the movie. I'll be doing a character called Nobihiko, and two other roles."

    Megami Paradise lesson 3

    There was a theme song or something for Megami Paradise..

    A new character introduced in this episode.

    • Angela (Nagashima Yuko)

    The summary of this episode can be found in the Megami Paradise section.

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